ML Biographies and Contacts

last updated 10.28.2014

Who’s in charge around here?!  That would be Detroit’s three killer Municipal Liaisons (and our pack of amazing minions).  Get to know your local leaders before heading to a write-in and/or party!



NaNoWriMo Screenname: theboysgonehome

Also known as: The Word War Tyrant

Metro Detroit city of Origin: Grew up in Shelby Twp, lived in midtown Detroit for five years, now I live across the border in Windsor, but I teach in Detroit on the border of Dearborn.

I NaNo because: I love the personal challenge and I love our amazing community of writers! NaNoWriMotown’s writers make November my favorite time of the year!

Favorite Ways of Procratinating: Reading, Netflix binging, doing this weird thing called “homework” …the last minute!

Currently I am reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (I’ve been rereading the whole series by listening to the audiobooks on my commute) and The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis.

When I write I: Am generally over-caffeinated. And if I’m really being productive, my wifi is turned off!

Other General Info: My job is to help your November rock! If you need anything or have any suggestions, contact me at any time.

Contact: Email me at



NaNoWriMo Screenname: spectacledrockstar

Also known as: The Hippy Gypsy, the Terror That Flaps in the Night

Metro Detroit City of Origin: Farmington Hills

I NaNo because: I’m a writer. For the better part of a decade, November has been for writing for me. And so, here I am!

Favorite Ways of Procrastinating: Reading, blogging, (stupid addictive) Facebook, eating, crochet, homework (although I wouldn’t consider that a “favorite”).

If I win NaNo this year, I will: Honestly, be amazed! I have so much on my plate that the actual writing for NaNoWriMo seems to be going on the back-back-back burner.

Currently, I am reading: Inferno by Dan Brown (a new one for me) and Me of Little Faith by Lewis Black (an old favorite).

When I write I: Set a timer and just let myself go and write whatever comes out. I do this even when it’s not November.

Other General Info: This is my second year as an ML and I can’t wait to graduate with my masters so I can dedicate all my future Novembers to this fun cause and add my library expertise to it as well!

Contact: The best way to reach me is at Also, check out my blog at!



NaNoWriMo Screenname: GretchenWriterThing

Also known as: Goldilocks, Rapunzel, The Apologizer

Metro Detroit City of Origin:  Harrison Township

I NaNo because: No matter what I do or how many times I’ve tried to e anything other than a writer, it just plain old doesn’t work.

Favorite Ways of Procrastinating: Buzzfeed articles, Wikipedia articles, TV Tropes pages…basically the entire internet.

If I win NaNo this year, I will: Put this novel away for a bit and then finally get around to editing the work in progress so that I can make a New Year’s Resolution out of submitting it to publishing houses and literary agents.

Currently, I am reading: The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, translated by Lucia Graves.

When I write I:  Have at least half a clue what I’m doing, but still manage to panic.

Other General Info: I’m a Pisces that enjoys long walks on the beach. I majored in English and minored in Philosophy, so I love words on principle. I’ve played trumpet literally half my life. I’m a cat person. You know, normal people things.

Contact: NaNoMail always works. I have a Twitter (@GretchenTuronek) and email ( that gets checked several times a day if you need to get to me more quickly.




NaNoWriMo Screenname: deesarrachi

Also known as: Marshmallow Minion

Metro Detroit City of Origin: …Windsor. Whoops.

I NaNo because: I love the incentive to carve out time every day to write, and I love spending time with the people that I meet every year!

Favorite Ways of Procrastinating: Tumblr, Minecraft, and the Sims 3.

If I win NaNo this year, I will: Probably do it sometime in week three and make everyone hate me…but also maybe this year I’ll actually like my story enough to do some editing.

Currently, I am reading: Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series.

When I write I: Hum along to movie soundtracks and spend probably too much time describing clothes.

Other General Info: The candy provided at some write-ins is great for quick energy, but EAT REAL FOOD because constant sugar crashes doesn’t make for good writing. Trust me. I’ve done it. (Also, candy is awesome.)

Contact: Either through the NaNoWriMotown Tumblr (I’ll try to make sure I respond within a day, and if I don’t, send another message in case Tumblr at the first one!), creating a post and tagging it #nanowrimotown, or nanomailing me!



NaNoWriMo Screenname: MyOwnStar

Also known as: Mama Angie or the Human Stenographer

Metro Detroit City of Origin: Livonia

I NaNo because: I need to push to devote time to ONE project. I always have 1,001 ideas and, well, I tend to start many projects all at once. You know how it goes! But NaNo gives me the push I need, plus the added bonus of being surrounded by some creative energy and camaraderie that I so love!

Favorite Ways of Procrastinating: Facebook, TV, being silly with my kids, and snooping on the neighbors through the window with my binoculars. I’M JUST KIDDING! I don’t own binoculars.

If I win NaNo this year, I will: NOT STOP WRITING THIS TIME! Oh, and not eat so much junk food.

Currently, I am reading: Mostly memes online and a Kindle book I have read before. I don’t get much time reading. 

When I write I: Lose myself in the story. The walls fade away and I can see the scene around me vividly as I create it. One reason I need some time to write and a separate, uninterrupted atmosphere. I hate being interrupted once the train has taken off, if you will.

Contact: NaNomail.



NaNoWriMo Screenname: Taureanscribe

Also known as: …I don’t have one really

Metro Detroit City of Origin: Shelby Township

I NaNo because: Writing is my escape from reality.

Favorite Ways of Procrastinating: Minecraft and Facebook apps.

If I win NaNo this year, I will: Be very surprised as I am yet to have an idea that will be enough for an entire 50k.

Currently, I am reading: Fifty Shades Freed.

When I write I: Zone out.

Contact: NaNomail.



NaNoWriMo Screenname: Beccaeve

Also known as: Becca

Metro Detroit City of Origin: Sterling Heights

I NaNo because: Goals are important for getting things done. NaNo is a great way to get a lot of writing done in a short period of time, which gives me something to work, edit, and rework in the following months. I also love the accountability of doing NaNo with a bunch of other people, both locally and online. Theoretically, I could set goals like NaNo in any month, but I don’t think I would be successful without others cheering me on and doing it with me.

Favorite Ways of Procrastinating: Baking, Netflix, reorganizing my bookshelf. If I’m desperate, I will clean everything in sight. Some Novembers, I have a very clean home.

If I win NaNo this year, I will: Hopefully, I will force myself to really finish and polish the work I’ve created. Hopefully.

Currently, I am reading: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose

When I write I: Am usually up way too late or I’m working on writing that is due very, very soon. My creative brain works best when it is supposed to be doing something else (sleeping), or when I have procrastinated far too long and must work at full speed in order to meet a deadline.

Contact: Find me on twitter @beccaeve or email me at



NaNoWriMo Screenname: EBuff75

Also known as: Buff, Effenburgermeisterschmerger (don’t ask)

Metro Detroit City of Origin: Redford Township

I NaNo because: I needed a reason to finally get off my butt and start writing!

Favorite Ways of Procrastinating: Reading or surfing the web. If I’m really behind, then even cleaning will work for a means of procrastination.

If I win NaNo this year, I will: Have won for nine years in a row! I’m stubborn like that…

Currently, I am reading: A whole bunch of stuff. It’s a lost cause to ask this because it changes every few days. Just in the past week I’ve read a western, a fantasy, and a book on environmentalism. Plus I have a dozen more that I’m part-way through and could finish at any time. If you’ve seen my house, you understand about me and books!

When I write I: Cant’ have much in the way of background noise, other than some quiet music without lyrics, or else I find it very hard to concentrate.

Other General Info: The platypus has no stomach. They just have an esophagus that is connected directly to their intestine. The more you know…




NaNoWriMo Screenname: Rainechan

Also known as: Raine, Sethary Phoenix III – Toaster Slayer of the Gods!

Metro Detroit City of Origin: Taylor

I NaNo because: I love writing, and I love challenging myself. At first, the challenge was the reach 50k words. After the first few wins, the challenges became to reach 50k words in a different genre.

Favorite Ways of Procrastinating: The internet, playing my many, many musical instruments, and, if desperate, cleaning.

If I win NaNo this year, I will: Treat myself to Benihana. Also, Ubisoft has this bad habit of releasing their Assassin’s Creed games right before or during November, so the quicker I reach 50k words, the quicker I can play!

Currently, I am reading: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

When I write I: Need music. I especially love when I can set soundtracks to my novels.

Other General Info: I was born and raised in Canada 21 years of my life before moving to Michigan to get married, and I am fluent in French (I’m from Quebec). Also, I am a Pirate with two levels in basic Ninja skills.

Contact: NaNoMail in November. any other time of the year.

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