Pre-Writing Seminar Tomorrow

I’d like to say I’m keeping up with my ML notification duties, but the honest truth is I am so overwhelmed with school, life, and, oh yeah, other NaNoWriMo duties. But better late than never right?

SeminarTomorrow our 3rd annual NaNoWriMo Pre-Writing Seminar is being held at Off the Beaten Path Books & Emporium in lovely Downtown Farmington! Five of us will be presenting this year on various subjects to get you ready for the big marathon in November.  The event starts at 1:30pm. Further details about the event can be found HERE or by clicking the Pre-Writing Seminar tab above.

We have had great success and popularity with the seminar in the past, so if you wish to join us, we recommend that you get there a bit early. We’ve been left with standing room only in the past. Consider yourself warned!

Also note that our next big event will be our annual Kick Off!  As in years past, we will be meeting at Woody’s Diner in Royal Oak. It will be held right on November 1st this year, so if you wish to join us, you can find details HERE or by clicking the It’s a Party! tab above as well.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in the next coming weeks! Things are about the get exciting…


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