It’s NaNo Season!

Happy October everyone!  Adrianne, one of your Detroit region ML’s here. Well, the count down is on. Whether you are ready for it or not, November will be here in a matter of single digit weeks.  That’s right! National Novel Writing Month is upon us!

So…are you ready yet? If your answer is no, you don’t have to feel like you are the only one. Not only am I knee deep in my second to last semester of grad school, but your local Municipal Liaisons are running around trying to get everything ready for a brand new fun season of novel writing, coffee drinking, sleep losing sessions!

That being said, we have a few announcements for you, first of which is this!


This blog is currently undergoing some construction in order to get it updated from the 2013 blog to the brand spanking new 2014 blog!  In the next couple of weeks, I will be updating these pages with profiles for our ML’s and minions, information for our big organized parties and smaller write ins (important dates mind you), as well as some other fun information I can not specify as of yet (partially because I haven’t come across it yet).  Anyways, it would probably be wise to check back on this blog every couple of days to see what’s been updated so you can get your hands on all the latest information for those up and coming awesome Detroit NaNoWriMo events.

So now that’s covered, how about this.  Do you like frozen yogurt?  And all those delicious toppings that frozen yogurt has to offer? Then you’re in luck! Because not only do you have the opportunity to get frozen yogurt coming up, but proceeds from you buying frozen yogurt will go to the Detroit chapter of NaNoWriMo! How you ask? Well let me tell ya!

Fruit, nuts, or chocolate?
Fruit, nuts, or chocolate?

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt has several locations around the Metro Detroit area.  Owen has been working with a couple of locations to help us fund raise for Detroit NaNo-ing this year and on Thursday, October 9th, from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, when you present our flier at the Canton location at 6427 N. Canton Center Rd, 20% of your purchase comes to Detroit NaNoWriMo! Got some allergies or diet limitations? No problem! Menchie’s offers various products for different diets and routines. So everyone has options, NaNoWriMo gets some extra funding for this year, and, oh yeah, yogurt!

So where is this wonderful flier? Just click this LINK AND DOWNLOAD ALL THAT DELICIOUS YOGURT GOODNESS FOR YOURSELF!

Just remember the following:

  • you must have the flier with you at time or purchase, or NaNoWriMo gets nothing
  • the fundraising is only at Menchie’s Canton location (6427 N. Canton Center Rd, Canton, MI 48187, (734) 335-7679)
  • it is only on Thursday, October 9th 2014 from 11:00 am to 10 pm

Owen is working hard to get us another date or two on the calendar at different locations.  As soon as there is news, we will be sure to keep you all posted!

Until next time kids, keep up that NaNo-ing spirit, get ready for a fun November, and we hope you to see you at Menchie’s next week!

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