Upon the Eve of Battle

As we sit here in our sugar induced comas, still wearing our fun Halloween costumes and contemplating who just came up with the concept of “candy corn” in the first place, we must remember that tomorrow is a special day…

Who wore it best?
Who wore it best?

Tomorrow, we go to war.  We are upon the eve of battle.  At midnight when the clock strikes, our fingers will turn into weapons of mass inception.  National Novel Writing Month will kick off and we will spend the next 30 days creating worlds beyond imagining.

So amen I say to you great warriors, whether you are dressed as a witch, Sherlock Holmes, or a genderly confused Cat Woman. When the sun rises, we will be raised in writing glory! Hazzah!


The Caffeine Approach

I’m not much of a coffee drinker at all.  If I do drink coffee, it needs to be either super sweet where I can barely taste it, or better yet, in cake form.

How I take my joe.
How I take my joe.

I will never turn down a good slice of tiramisu and I’m hoping I have plenty coming to me in my future.  Why?  Because as I sit here on my lunch break from work, looking over my agenda calendar, the obvious is becoming quite clear: NaNoWriMo is upon us!

With kick-off events mere days (DAYS, YOU HEAR ME?!) away, it’s time to get those plans set it stone, pull out those storyboards and outlines, and just as I was hinting at earlier, stock up on all things caffeine.  If you’re like me and you’re battling a 40 hour a week job, working on your masters in the evenings, and fitting this into your schedule on top of it all, you’re going to need it.

If not?  Well, I’d say you really have no excuse not to give National Novel Writing Month a shot this year, don’t you?  I mean, if you’re going to go hob nob in coffee shops anyways, might as well add some fun to that sugar shot you’re giving your blood, right?

Before you head out, be sure to check on a couple of pages here.  First, while the Pre-Writing Seminar has come and gone (with once again great success), be sure to check out some of the documents leftover and uploaded to keep you inspired and going in your quest.  Next, check out the Party Page and get the info to join NaNoWriMotown’s official events for Kick-Off and Midway Madness!  Lastly, there will be tons of write ins to attend from the Writer’s Page calendar.

And obviously, if you have any direct questions, feel free to contact any of the three ML’s, the minion,  or get some kicks on the main page itself: http://www.nanowrimo.org!

Sharpen those pencils, plug in those laptops, and we’ll see you at the starting line WriMos!

The Zombies are Coming!

Ah, soon the leaves will begin to change and fall.  Children will begin picking out Halloween costumes. And then the zombies will come out.  I’m not referring to the trick-or-treating ones.  I’m talking about those crazy NaNoWriMo zombies who take over libraries and coffee shops and stare tirelessly at their computer screens, collecting word totals by the dozens…BRAINS…run-zombies

That being said, your ML’s have already been hard at work making sure that this year’s NaNo is going to be the best one ever for the Detroit region.  We can’t wait to share with you some of the amazing prize ideas we’ve come up with for write ins and parties, not to mention our little pick-me-up emails that will be going out each week. And can we say food?  I mean, it may just be me, but I can not (quite possibly will not) write without a snack in front of me.  But it’s one of the best parts about NaNo-ing in Detroit.  There are some fun places to eat and write out there!

So if you take a look at the site, there are a couple things of note this week…

First and foremost, submissions for the Pre-Writing Seminar are now closed.  We kindly thank everyone for their entries and we will be in contact with presenters soon.

Secondly, while locations have not been set in stone just yet (or dates for that matter), we are already gearing up for three major parties that we hold every year: the Kick Off Party, the Midway Madness Party, and the Thank God It’s Over Party.  Keep watch on the new page for information and we hope to see you at one (if not all) of the events!  They are a blast!  I promise you.  NaNo’s honor!

Lastly, not sure who is reporting all this info for you in the Detroit region?  Well, just mosey on by to the Municipal Liaisons page and meet this year’s ML’s!  We are a great mix of characters and promise to keep you zombie-ing along for higher word counts and all the brains your little undead soul could eat!

Now this little zombie is off to finish her homework (yay masters work), sleep the night away (never enough hours), and have another great day at work tomorrow (high schoolers, oi).

NaNo on my friends,

Adrianne AKA Spectacled Rockstar

Countdown to Kickoff: 59 Days!

Greeting NaNoWriMotown-ers!  Adrianne AKA SpectacledRockstar, your new co-ML here looking over the blog and letting you know this page is going to get a nice sprucing up by yours truly.  Have no fear though!  Everything that you love about NaNo-ing in the Detroit area will be available right here for all of your NaNo-ing needs.

Have I used the word “NaNo” enough yet?  Still with me?…


So what is this page going to have in the future?  November will be an active month on this site as the main page will be a blog with announcements and reminders of write ins, meet ups, and dare I say it, PARTIES!!  We will also be adding our weekly letters and encouragements to the blog as well, so if you ever find you need a little encouraging pick me up for your word count, look no further!  This week I will also be updating a biography page for the municipal liaisons (and one spunky helpful minion) so you know how to recognize us if the write ins are within a big crowd.  The site will also be sporting a spiffy FAQ page in case you think there is a question that is just too silly to ask.  And that much more!

So stay tuned NaNo friends and before you know it, November 1st will be here!